"...By their fruits you will know them. " - Jesus. 

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

When we know better... we LIVE better.

Class meets once per month, for 2 hours. 
The class is 1 hour, with a 1 hour Q&A, fellowship, discussion.
The total for all 5 courses is only $50. 
This class is on recognizing lust, and building virtue in purity.
The purpose of these courses is to help you see yourself with dignity, both men and women in our generation are dealing with the after effects of lust, a vice that robs us of REAL LOVE. This class is intended for everyone. Not just those who struggle with lust, because as you will see in this class, we all do, it's not just some people, our mainstream media, music and entertainment have not left room for love and purity, so we must cleanse our minds, eyes, ears and hearts to return to True Love, dignity and joy. 
We meet only 1 time per month so that you have time to prayerfully apply what you are learning before we see you again. 
Who can attend these classes? 
Ages 16+ are welcome to attend these courses. 
Those we want to grow in purity are encouraged to attend.
Those who desire to see themselves and others differently, are encouraged to attend. 
Those with SSA are encouraged to attend. 
Those struggling with pornography are encouraged to attend. 
Single men are encouraged to attend.
Single women are encouraged to attend. 
Married couples are encouraged to attend. 
Come alone or with a group. All are welcome. 

Men and Women will have separate discussion groups, so as to keep privacy and growth for each gender. 

In class dates: 

May 18th, 
June 15th, 
July 20th,
August 17th, 
September 14th

Time:  9:30am-11:30am
Location:  Riverside CA

If you'd like to be an e-student, you can sign up for that! 
Our courses will be available to you via video, so you wont miss out on anything! 

Each course is $10. For a total of $50 for the whole course. This money is a donation to The Purpose Foundation on your behalf. 

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