"...By their fruits you will know them. " - Jesus. 

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

Diana  Marie-Rose Wehbe.

Diana; Heavenly; Divine.

Wehbe; Gift. 

                                                                    Words have meaning... that's why I started writing. 

My testimony begins a few years ago when I was an Executive Director and Radio Personality ... here's the quick version: 

 On July 24th, 2012 when our executive director Diana Wehbe was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and verbally diagnosed with type II diabetes. Weighing in at about 270lbs, Diana was only 26 years old and was struggling to understand how a young woman working in mainstream radio(99.1 KGGI/I Heart Media) could be struck with such horrible medical news. She turned to prayer, and through prayer, found patience to endure the road ahead. She felt God calling her to a new way of life. Breaking free from her patterns of gluttonous overeating and insecurities. In a span of 10 months, she became 100% vegan, stopped eating any processed foods or sugars and ate only what she cooked herself and sourced the freshest food possible from local farmers and grocers. In 10 months, miraculously, had lost 100 pounds, reversed diabetes and was pain free from the tumor on her ovary. The tumor has since shrunk and she attributes this to her faith in Christ. This testimony has led us to believe that many more can benefit from a plant-based lifestyle and strong prayer life. We started this company with the emphasis on giving hope to the hopeless, much like Diana young people today struggle to find a way to positively change their circumstances. Our non profit offers spiritual and emotional support through Bible studies and “Come Alive” our young adult ministry, nutritional support through “Eat For A Cure” our vegan, organic meal prep and catering company, and physical support through our “Women who Walk” program, encouraging women to get out and move. All programs are designed to be led by example of our staff and volunteers. We have been up and running for 3 years. Diana’s story of hope has been supported by Women’s Health Magazine, I Heart Media, local newspapers and radio, Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, Clark’s Nutrition, Goodwin’s Organics, The American Heart Association, The American Diabetes Association, Disney, Molina Healthcare and Lowes.

Diana is available to speak at your next retreat, Bible study, Worship night, Women's group, school assembly or Church event. 

Diana is a humble member of the prestigious Catholic Speakers Organization.

Biblical study | Catholic Faith| The New Evangelization| God in hardships |

Her talk topics: 


Having struggled in the entertainment industry for years with modesty, Diana now brings the difficulty of modesty in dress for women of this generation to the forefront. She tells of how the Lord convicted her heart, changed not only how she dressed, but how she carries herself as a woman of God in action and in her words.


Diana has experienced first hand, the tears of answered prayers in accordance with God's will for her life. She will tell you time and time again that "obedience to God opens doors in your life. Let go. Let God. Watch what He does." This talk challenges the audience to do some soul searching, to see if they are truly giving God control of their lives.

Fasting & prayer

Diana speaks on this topic so very often as she has found the joys in fasting. She has found a great communion with God in fasting and abstaining from certain foods and certain quantities of food to follow Jesus. To hear from the Lord clearly. She will tell you her testimony and explain how the Lord called her to conversion, deep communion with Him and the great challenges and changes she was more than willing to sacrifice to grow in Virtue. 

Daughters Of Dignity

(A talk for women)

How do women in this generation begin to walk out the Biblical call to womanhood? Will any men want us? Can we live in society this way? Should we care what other people say or think? Mary lived 2,000 years ago, I live in this generation, it's too hard to be like her today-- how can I even try? But aren't women instructed not to preach or teach... we're just supposed to be silent right? I'm so confused, how can I be a virtuous woman in my generation and not be lonely? This talk covers it all. Having a women's retreat? This is a great talk! 

Rise up! Take your place! 

(a talk for men)

This talk inspires men, based on the Biblical calling over their lives. This talk shows men what God intended them to be, what tools He gave them to become the GREAT leaders they are called to be in our society today. The fathers, husbands, brothers and community driven men they are called to be, a great, inspiring, deeply motivating talk for men who are struggling to take their place, be courageous and firm in their resolution to follow Christ in this "fatherless generation."

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    Diana Wehbe on The Eucharist & Catholics.                                                                                        Diana Wehbe; testimony. 

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