"...By their fruits you will know them. " - Jesus. 

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

2019 Daughters of Dignity Lenten Retreat  

Click the "buy now" button to reserve your ticket for our 1st annual 

Daughters Of Dignity women's retreat! each ticket is $100 and is a tax deductible donation to 

The Purpose Foundation 501(c)(3). 

What's included in your ticket purchase? 

* 2.5 days of enrichment led by women and men for the growth of women during the Lenten season! 

* buttery soft, hand picked, mystery leggings from Diana's boutique! 

*Catholic Sacramental items! 

*Light snacks provided throughout the retreat! 

** Most importantly, time to grow in your faith in Christ and  invaluable workshops, fellowship and presentations to help you on your journey all run by volunteers who want to see you grow! 


Catholic Bible Study| Sisterhood| Healing| Fellowship| Modesty

Welcome to the Daughter's Of Dignity page! 

This is our Women's Ministry Outreach! 

If you're looking for a monthly gathering of women, who are like-hearted and minded, look no further! We meet 1 time per month in Riverside, CA, for a 1 hour Bible Study, led by Diana Wehbe herself. 

For more information, please email Jazmin Jones: purposeteam.jj@gmail.com 

This is the Daughters Of Dignity first official Lenten CHALLENGE!

For the 40 days of Lent, we are going to challenge ourselves to be SCRIPTURALLY focused on growth. Which means, if you're fasting, or giving up anything else, that's GREAT! Because, this challenge will work with you, helping you stay focused on God rather than your hunger, or temptations.

How it works: 

*Sign up for our email list below. 

* Follow us on IG! @DaughtersOfDignity

( we will be posting helpful tools there) 

* Everyday for 40 days (Monday-Saturday only) you will read 3 chapters in the book of Psalms. 

(most are pretty short, and you can easily get through them!) 

* On friday's you will receive an encouraging email from our team reflecting on the Scripture passages for that day! 

* We begin on Wednesday February 14,2018. 

* We will start with Psalm Chapter 1-3.

We look forward to walking with you during this Lenten journey! 

Lent is a time to truly spend time with Christ, in the desert, a place of silence, focus, and a "giving up" of things or situations that keep us from hearing His voice. Remember, after Jesus finished His 40 days/nights in the desert, He was sent out to begin His public Ministry... which means, by the end of our 40 days(if we do it right) we should be transformed by our time with Him that we are READY to serve others.

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