"...By their fruits you will know them. " - Jesus. 

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

I'm doing something EXTREMELY vulnerable. I'm releasing my never before seen VLOGS. 

From the day of diagnosis, to starting my walk with God and seeing results. 

TODAY marks the 1 year anniversary of ‪#‎ThePurposeProject‬ being released on Amazon last year.... 

I couldn't think of a better time to do this. I hope it motivates you to seek whatever God has for you. 

This will show you week by week, the changes made, the ups and downs and what kept me going almost 2 years ago, and continues to keep me going today.

Every week, for the next 10 weeks, I will release an episode on Friday at 8am. 

Episode 1: Breaking the news, to myself.

Episode II: On the Bright Side.

Episode III: I'm Living! 

Episode IV: Easy.

Episode V: Today Was a Rough Day.

Episode VI: Good News & Bad News 

Espisode VIII: Checking In

Episode IX: Trust in HIM

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